This kind of service you hardly get by other apartments

Written by Arnold at 2018. April 4.

Welcome to our brand new, redesigned site! We are really happy you are here and we guarantee you: it's worth it to be here 🙂

With our new site we would like to present our extended company vision: how we see our place in the future and how we  want to give you a more complex service to enjoy your stay in Budapest, in this exceptional town better.

There are so many to see and experience here: it is hard to be lost in the see of attractions. But you shouldn't: we are here to help.

Our service has been always affordable meanwhile we provided exceptional service in our price category. We have not offered any eye candy or useless thing for our guests, but the home feeling: comfortable and clean apartments, fully equipped with all the accessories you need. And  the customer ratings show that we have been accomplished this pretty well: we have 9.2 on at the time of writing this post.

But the big question is always this: how can we serve better? 

And we think we have found a way for it... a new way, that our slogan precisely expresses:

Spend less on accomodation and more on your experience!

Our apartments are already affordable – so we will help you to put your Budapest's experiences to a higher level. That's why we publishing here our guides and reviews, what you should definitely visit in you spend your holiday in Budapest. These are all first hand review, written by our staff and based on personal experiences: that means we tried all before we offer you them! That guarantees you a kind of security: if we enjoyed it, you should too 😀

And the best of all:

we provide discount for many of these attractions, and you get these discounts  automatically and free with your apartment!

This is our way to give you more and qualify experiments. Book your apartment by us and enjoy it! 🙂