New York Cafe

All of my friends have one thing in common: we all have an instagram post of us inside the New York Cafe! 😀

Why? The interior of New York cafe is probably the best one in Budapest. In face, New York Cafe is considered as one of the 5 most beautiful cafes in the world.

The building was built in the style of Italian Renaissance. You can see splendid interior, ceilings of frescoes and lose yourself in the kaleidoscope of marble, bronze, silk and velvet. Since the first decade of XX century, New York cafe was the center of intellectual life in Budapest. You could hear the news of the whole world here. The owner of the cafe specifically subscribed to hundreds of newspapers and journals from all over the world for the visitors. The artistic atmosphere has inspired poets and writers, and maybe some of the very first pages of legendary masterpieces may have been written here.

Today, the cafe  is bustling with travelers and visitors from all over the world promoting and celebrating diversity and tourism. You might also want to be a part of that while enjoying a nice cup of coffee!

Address: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11, 1073

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